F A B R I Z I O  S A C C O  \  Executive chef

Fabrizio Sacco was born in Pescara in 1975. After graduating in Engineering, he embarked on a professional career related to his education until, in 2005, he decided to pursue exclusively his greatest passion: cooking.
Fabrizio has expressed a creative and entrepreneurial side since 2002, when he opened his first restaurant in Pescara. In 2005 in Silvi Marina (TE) continues with LOASI di Morgan, initially a workshop and then a restaurant and a summer Lido. With the Oasi di Morgan Fabrizio acquires awareness of his goals and sets the work of the restaurant in a personal and identifying way, and chooses to start from here to narrate the last 13 years matured in the kitchen. Years in which he brought a series of changes to his home town: with the arrival of Il Caffè delle Merci in 2007, one of the first bars in the area that only years later became the scene of nightlife in Pescara, he offers a different style of entertainment, an informal and modern bistro, in which you can breathe a metropolitan air and taste interesting dishes. Hospitality is the distinctive feature of Fabrizio. In its locations, the customer should always feel at ease and comfortable. In 2012 he attends an internship in the restaurant of Filippo La Mantia in Rome. This is his first experience in a professional brigade that fascinates and encourages him to grow.

After having established the Kifood catering company in 2014, he attended the Niko Romito Formazione, the Scuola di Alta formazione e Specializzazione Professionale dedicated to the world of catering and haute cuisine. It is a fundamental stage in his training.

For a few months he cooked at Spazio Rivisondoli and Spazio Roma, the restaurant-laboratory created by chef Niko Romito for his students. In 2017 Fabrizio worked in Christian Puglisi‘s Relæ Brigade in Copenhagen. In Denmark he finds an idea of a restaurant very similar to his, which combines a high level culinary experience with a pleasant and cool atmosphere, the right compromise to which he wants to aim with the reopening of LOASI in 2018.

M A R I A N A  \  Chef de Partie

Mariana Danila coordinator and supervisor of the LOASI brigade, synchronizes the preparation of the dishes and ensures the efficiency of all the kitchen work.

S T E F A N O  \  Chef

Stefano D’Andrea, was trained in the historic restaurant Prestige in Florence and in the Spaltella castle of Siena alongside the starred chef Vincenzo Guarino. For Stefano organization is a key word.

A G O S T I N O  \  Chef

Young chef from Abruzzo with clear ideas right from the start, he boasts a respectable curriculum. Agostino juggles between the meat and fish preparations in the main courses of our menu.

F E D E R I C A  \  Maitre

Federica Bassani very young and sparkling but at the same time a solid fundamental element of the staff, will always welcome you with a smile, guide you to discover the creations of our chefs and build the ideal tasting itinerary for you.

M A D D A L E N A  \  Bar Manager

Maddalena Bosio barlady expert in mixology with proposals for every taste: from the most traditional to combinations that will leave you speechless.
Each of her cocktails is made with refined and high quality ingredients such as bitters, distillates and skilfully mixed aromatic herbs.

M A X \  Mixologist

Max, a young Mixologist, combines his preparation knowledge of the pillars of blending, with the study spirits to create innovative cocktails and on step with trends, without ever forgetting the most sought-after techniques.

S E R E N A  \  Coffee Bar

Sunny and smiling, Serena Cichella will welcome you with kindness and professionalism in the morning for an excellent relaxing breakfast.

P A S Q U A L E \  Beach Manager

He takes care of the management of the beach and its administrative aspects. With passion and genuineness, he gives every day a special experience to all guests, welcoming them with a smile, naturalness and cordiality to discover the services of our beach.

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