LOASI is a restaurant located on the seafront of Silvi Marina (TE), in the heart of the protected marine area of Torre del Cerrano consisting of a coastal belt, a stretch of water where to cultivate the precious resources of the sea. A place recounted in history by artists in their canvases or writings.

Besides the clear sea, the charm of the place is due to the beautiful dunes of the coast. They are shaped by the wind, giving the landscape a magical golden age, acting as a link between the marine and vegetal species that populate the territory, and are also the source of inspiration for the LOASI project. The symbol of the area is the mighty Torre del Cerrano, a fortress built during the Kingdom of Naples, which owes its name to its homonymous stream that descends from the hills of Atri (TE).

In the past it was used for the sightings of ships, and nowadays it houses the numerous realities that take care of the protection of the area. The whole area is surrounded by the rich pinewood that separates the beach from the village, crossed by the cycle path that connects the towns of the coastline.

In a natural way, the described landscape is home to several shores, among which is LOASI, which has been awarded the certification of Lido Amico del Parco Marino for its compliance, attention to the protection of resources, control over consumption and the ability to become an attractive tourist destination to promote sustainable and conscious tourism.

A unique location for its beauty and wealth of resources, from which the restaurant can benefit and draw to render the experience of each visitor pleasant and inspiring.

chiama ora!