With the opening of LOASI, Fabrizio Sacco and Francesco Barberini chooses to summarise his personality in a unique space.

His idea of catering is based on the quality of the meals of a sought-after cuisine, built through the conscious use of raw materials, presented in a more informal context where to welcome customers, allowing them to experience a different culinary experience, without neglecting the pleasantness of well-being. It is a very precise stylistic choice, which differs from models of classic restaurants, but perfectly describes the concept of the chef.

“My are instinctive dishes
there is nothing to understand
but only to be experienced.”

Fabrizio structures a tasty menu that chronicles his experiences, his travels and his creativity, starting from the use of raw materials available in the area, but also faces and contaminates the world over, creating new and interesting combinations.

The cuisine and the space that hosts it communicate with the expression of the external environment, as you are immersed in the protected area of the Cerrano Marine Park, and the internal area designed by the Summit Vai studio in perfect harmony with the territory.

Inspired by the dunes, an area of transition between sea and mainland, the environment of LOASI is made from elements wisely composed as the particles collected by the wind. The result is a contemporary design space, encompassing and personal, where good food meets good drinking.

The counter is a central element, which welcomes and dialogues with customers, offering them a wide choice of cocktails with the mixology service.

Local herbs, spices and scents are used to blend, giving a local connotation to even the most distant ingredients.

chiama ora!