“Then at some point I’m exhausted, very tired … and I arrive in a magical, unique place, discovered by chance since last summer, LOASI.
LOASI is my “buen retiro”, my “no place and no time” where to stay well, because here there is love ….
The first time I came, I saw some old ones. Cards or just sunbathe with half-closed eyes.
Then, upon entering, I saw children … playing in the space in front of the kitchen, a small waltz of fleshy legs and golden curls.
Couple of young people sitting on the beach. Couple of young people sitting on the beach. 
LOASI is like this, a space open to everyone, where you can eat, drink, swim or listen to music or simply lie down to snooze in the sun.
There is Bruno, who has been a lifelong fisherman, there is Job, who works here since the beginning and every year at the end of the season, but there is also Eddie, a Canadian DJ, who came here for Suona Tonight, Francesca, who is in these parts but lives in Amsterdam and returns every year for a month … people, people from here, from Rome, from Naples, people of all kinds.
An orchestra composed of many instruments that sound harmoniously.
the director is called Fabrizio, and this wonder e’sua and Francesco, a longtime companion and a friend”.

After the three large rows of umbrella palm, closer to the entrance there are umbrellas well spaced from each other, hence the convenience of having everything under control also allows you to monitor the space of LOASI on sight, perhaps for those with young children who start to play alone.

Refreshed after a stop at the bar, a few steps away from the most beautiful view of the coastline north of Pescara. A song goes thus: ” See the umbrellas, far, far…”, from the sea, in front of LOASI, you can see the umbrella palm lined up on the first rows.

And why not have a bath before taking a walk?

For the most proactive, the province of Teramo offers a rare opportunity, to spend a day in the mountains, with the possibility of reaching the highest peak of the Appennini (the Corno Grande, Gran Sasso), and then LOASI di Morgan before sunset for a swim in the sea, an happy hour and excellent fish dinner!

chiama ora!